References & Testimonials


Blanche DuBois loves her Auntie Donna and can't can't wait for her to come over and walk her or stay with her overnight!

Cybil Shepherd just loves having Auntie Donna come over! "I'm treated like I'm Queen of the Universe!" says Cybil!

Porter and Rosie also love to have Donna come over. "She gives the best walks" says Rosie, and Porter adds "She plays with me a lot!"

Kenzie (short for Mackenzie) looks forward to having Donna come to her house. "We have a great time together" woofs Kenzie.

Auntie Donna takes such good care of me! I love all her hugs and kisses. Walking with her is such fun.  My mistress appreciates Auntie Donna getting the mail and checking on the house.

Donna has been watching our goldens for over 5 years now and we absolutely love her. Donna has provided daily care as well as extended care when we would go on vacation. Our dogs are members of our family and just like our child we would only leave them with someone we had 100% trust and confidence in and that is Donna. We have heard from our neighbors that while we are away Donna is outside for hours playing with the dogs. Donna is a great dog sitter and when our dogs see her coming they are so excited and just devour her with kisses, now who could ask for more than that?

Here is what Colbert says: Hi Donna, long time no see, really glad you are back!

Charlotte said: Well, what's new ? We are fine here and glad you can walk us again!

Wyatt just loves having Donna come over to play! Well... HE thinks it's all play, and that's what matters!